Pulp (26 Days / 26 Illustration)

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P harfi için Pulp. Bugün de Britpop’dan devam 🙂 Jarvis Cocker’ın konuşur gibi şarkı söyleyişi, muhteşem şarkı sözleri ve mükemmel melodiler… Babies, dinlediğim en komik şarkılardan biri örneğin 😀 Çok yaşayasın Pulp! Seriden 16 bitti, kaldı 10 🙂 P is for Pulp Britpop is here again! I admire how Jarvis sings easily, like he’s talking. And those lyrics and great melodies… For example, Babies is one of the funniest songs I’ve ever listened 😀 Long live Pulp! If you’re visiting my profile for the first time, you can check the previous ones too if you like. That would be really great If you share your thoughts and critics with me. Cheers 🙂 “But like you said something changed…”

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